The slang term for the male's ejaculate, semen, cum, spooge.
Yeah that's right, I told that bitch "Hey, why don't you just have a nice tall glass of man milk and shut the fuck up!"

"Good evening madam what can I get for you?" Yes, I'll have a man milk...shaken not stirred!

"and for you sir...", "Just pour me a nice cold tall glass of man milk...and make it a double".

That filthy pig of woman you call a wife, was just asking for a taste of my man milk! She's luck I held back and didn't give it to her good!
Top Definition
Another name for CUM or sperm
His man milk was all over her face
by gretta March 11, 2005
The warm, moist, milky white fluid that discharges from the penis when excited.
"When you milk a mans udder, man milk comes out!!"

"When Kathleen and Leslie started to milk my udder, my man milk sprayed all over their faces, although my man milk was displeasing to taste.
by Leslie and Kathleen July 06, 2006
Slang for cum, which sounds like it came from 1970s porn because it's kinda light-hearted and giggle-inducing, like many porn films (not all tho) were back then.This term is mainly used by punk rockers and freaks. I have never heard anybody "normal" say it. My man says it a lot, and he is a straight up freak. Here's an actual quote.
*B*( the boi): I know you want the man milk, sweetie..and if you work hard and stay real, you'll get to drink all of me......
Me: :-)~~~~~~~~
by m x November 26, 2004
what the milk man gives to his special customer, like me
I got some man milk from the milk man, and all i had to do was suck! good deal!
by ThirstyGuy December 03, 2003
Sperm, Jizz
cover me in come,
i want it in my face,
bathe me in your manmilk
i want it now
by michael kavanagh January 19, 2004
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