Male ejaculate
Hollis had a bit of man-goo dripping from his chin.
by Wagner Vajagner December 21, 2008
Top Definition
Cum, sperm, smegma.
After drilling her repeatedly from behind, I unleashed my man goo all over her butt cheeks.
by Jack Squat March 27, 2003
Man Goo is the white liquid that is expelled from a mans sausage at the peak of his sexual excitement
Darren's eyes rolled back into his head, and he unleashed a torrent of man goo upon his lady friends chin.
by ivabiggun November 15, 2007
male ejaculation. cum.
I love the taste of your mangoo!
by echomyst March 14, 2004
Stoner rock band from Turku, Finland.
Q: Have you listened to the Neolithic album by Mangoo?
A: Yes, it's awesome! One of my favorites.
by high on fuzz February 07, 2011
Man-Goo get it?
I done gave dat bitch a shot of my Mangoo.
by dirtysanchez August 25, 2003
I dipped the paint brush in a large bucket of man goo.
by John D. April 29, 2004
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