An affliction that affects both sexes but is most common among men. It is not unlike severe hypochondriasis in manner but is often only isolated to colds and flus that do not require medical attention. This affliction causes a person to become weak, lethargic, codependent, fatigued, and pathetic. They will often claim ridiculous things and need constant attention until symptoms of sickness subside.
Person 1: "I'm dying..."
Person 2: "You're not dying."
Person 2: "You just have manflu."
by Akimika May 30, 2013
Man flu, a term used to address a flu-like illness exclusive to men. Often 'man flu' is a term that is subject to ridicule and scepticism, the actual existence of it doubted. It is often assumed by others, namely women, as a namby pamby excuse used by their boyfriends, fathers, male work collegues and sons to predominantly to get out of responsibilities.

It is not the female equivalent of the menstrual cycle, but that won't stop men afflicted with it to act like they need to be babied constantly or sympathised with. Men are expected to be strong and dependable: the stereotype of what a real man is. For men to claim to have a moment of weakness for one moment in the eyes of a woman, God forbid, will raise the Q - are you a man or a mouse?

MICHAEL and JULIE, in their 20s, sit on a sofa. Michael sneezes. Clutches his chest as he coughs. He slumps back and reclines on the sofa, feverish.

Michael: I've got Man Flu. Can't get up. Give me a piggyback up the stairs will you?

Julie: Didn't you already get me to bring you a glass of milk? Now you want me to carry you to bed? Do you want me to get into the shower with you and scrub your poor aching back as well?

Michael: My God. I only want to go sleep it off, what's with the pissy attitude?

Julie: Are you a man or a mouse?

Michael: What does it mean, to be a man? And is it wrong to show a moment of weakness, is it wrong to want sympathy, to be babied once in a while? Why is it wrong for men, and acceptable for women?

by SHIBISLE October 02, 2008
Also the male equivalent to a woman's fake headache -- though more widely used getting out of bad dates, chick flicks and other woman oriented activities than to avoid sex with the significant other.
"I am pretty sure Don gave me a man flu story because he didn't want to go to Sally's bridal shower with me."
by dudelookslikeachimp December 29, 2007
1)A slight sniffle or cold that is turned into a dreadful condition by the imagination of the male sufferer

2)A Man's Flu (flu = Long chimney structure for fireplaces) is used to describe a mans penis.
"Isn't Quint really ill?", "Nah, he just has man flu!"
"Homosexuals like Man Flu"
by Jon Adams September 27, 2006
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