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Someone who hits puberty really early and is like 11 butt looks 15
"See that kid over there with the big muscles and armpit hair and a beard?"
"He's eleven!"
"what a man child!"
by Will Hubbard August 22, 2005
Someone who is very short and stalky that looks like a kid height wise but looks like an adult with their features. Ex.can grow a beard and lots of chest hair. They resemble a troll.
That guys a fucking manchild.
by Lynden Patterson March 06, 2005
the term used when a baby is born, and is NOT a child but in fact a fully grown teenager, common among births where the couple were relations or step brother/sisters
"Axe man, dam hes Petes and his step sisters Man Child"
by VisOne March 24, 2003
A man that is so large and/or powerful that he makes other men around him look like children. Usually an athlete that dominates others on the field/court because of his size and strength.
Did you see that hit? Ray Lewis is a man child!

David Ortiz is a man child at the plate.
by mywaffles May 23, 2006