A very highly intelligent male, who refuses to accept that he has the world at his fingertips, but fails utilise any ability,

Always needing something, even if his bank account says No
This particular breeds loves older woman, they call their significant other "woman",or "old Lady"
"Hey "woman" get on the back of my bike" Or when speaking to friends he checks with his "old lady" to see if he can have his 15th beer.
Loves to be waited on hand & foot, & will forever need his diaper changed.
Man, Child, rolled into one, waaaaaa if you dont pack my lunch, I will spend $$

No, I can't stay for coffee, I need to get home with my MANCHILD'S diaper rash ointment, don't you know this by now!!!!

The MANCHILD warmed up his dinner that his "woman" made for him & the MANCHILD made it too hot, now the "old lady" has to blow on it for him

Gotta Love the MANCHILD, helps with the "empty nest syndrome"
by Woman- with a MANCHILD November 02, 2013
A man child is a early twenties ex-frat boy who looks like a big fat fucking baby in grown man clothing. When seen in their natural habit (a bar infested with man children) they're usually talking about how lucrative their lifestyles are while in reality they're bank tellers, depositing my checks.
Man Child: Yeah bro, I'm working in Insurance; I should clear half a mil a year soon.

Andrew: You aren't doing shit. You are going to be one of those kids I hire to do all my running around, taking care of all my bullshit.
by Skarbar January 10, 2011
Innocent Man who preserve and cultivate "childish honesty"
or "unbiasdeness" - w.o.w.: a "(Self)Clean(ish) Person". ;)
"childish honesty" (Man-Child) is the mental feeling (unbiasedness) BEFORE kindergarten and school.
by @thehop April 08, 2009
A man who is fat, likes young women and gets premature ejaculations.
Ex- Vaidhya is such a man child. His dick says it all.
by Whot May 18, 2014
One who has a hairy chest like a sweater or fur rug. He talks about stupid shit and also his own shit. He also wear a basketball jersey(clean or dirty) at all times. He is a so called player in his own mind but is only willing to pay for women. He likes them large and is scared that his dad may spank him. His sister sleeps in his bed and he needs permission to leave the house. He is also almost 30.
Manchild Joe went to DC and leaned up against a tree starring oddly at large women. He told them he owns pizza shop all while wearing his jersey and hitting end on his phone because his dad calls non stop to spank him. Manchild joe is one who stands in the corner and grunts at women. He makes them scared.
by Gorino Pig October 18, 2011
1.) Grown man sized child.
2.) Child of the Earth, Man Child
3.) El Gigantor

4.) Dr. Shots (party animal)
5.) 20 year old pot head,
Man child response to Q: " favorite hobby?"
Man child: "flying, staying elevated, Time travel

Quotes: "I got that rello"

Always feel safe around a Man Child.
by HookedOnChronics December 10, 2010
Manchildren are adults that engage in childish behavior too often -- eg. play videogames, collect figurines, watch cartoons meant for children -- instead of getting a job, studying responsibly and moving out of their mom's basement.

The older they get while refusing to grow up, the more pathetic they become. Manchildren can also be female.
Only manchildren play videogames all day.
by uranass September 22, 2009

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