A full grown man, over the age of 20, who still needs to be spported finacially or emotionally by his parents. May or may not live at home with parents, but needs consistant reassurement. Is unable to have healthy relationships with women because of childish behavior, but is in desperate need of someone. May or maynot be a fanboy or gamer.
-"hey mom, i know you took me to peter's house yesterday, but he is going to watch logan's run and i haven't seen it in 12 years. oh, and i might bring his sister back here for dinner, but don't make the liver and onions."
-"John, take the goddamn bus and stop being such a man child."
by Aimerwillardilson October 05, 2008
A man who has a mommy complex like no other. He is extremely needy and will want a woman to "take care of his needs" eg. satisfy his insatiable thirst for chocolate milk, tucking him into bed at night, packing a lunch for him etc...
Johnny was such a manchild he made Julie put on his socks in the morning.
by psychobunny January 08, 2009
A man by age but a child in mentality and actions. Usually an inability to get over the "frat boy" or "party boy" phase. Can't have fun without a beer; oftentimes brews his own beer. Still relate to women as sex objects (even in they're married) and are emotionally undeveloped (e.g., fight for their rights mentality even if there is nothing worth fighting; rarely takes responsibility for own failings). A general irritant to women and men that have matured.
Facebooking about brewing beer and gross bodily functions is typical of a man child.
by Agulowok February 20, 2010
A term originating from Claude Brown's 1965 memoir "Man-Child in the Promised Land" about growing up in the streets of 1940s and 50s Harlem, NYC, one of the earliest and most powerful accounts of ghetto life and its culture. A "Man-Child" originally referred to a boy or adolescent from the streets who was prematurely exposed to and knowledgeable about sex, violence and crime, incarceration, adult responsibility for younger siblings due to a dysfunctional home, and hustling to make a living.
You think life in the 'hood is rough now? Check out Brown's book one day. By the time he was 15 he'd already been locked up, hustling for a living and doing whatever he had to to survive as a man-child on the streets.
by BxMuscle June 22, 2011
Every man in Syracuse, Ny.
He's an adult but still has his mother wash his clothes: he is a manchild
by VictoriaLucas1937 July 16, 2014
50/50 Whiskey and Apple Juice
I'd like to order a "Manchild" please.


Bartender-What would you like to drink?

Customer- I'd like a "Manchild" please.
by Fatmatt November 15, 2013
A grown man with the personality of a child. See AJ Styles and Eric Young.
I find AJ Styles' man-child gimmick hilarious.
by Jeff7 February 23, 2008

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