Manbush, is a word that is used in the movie "The Stupids" with tom arnold. He is hiding in a bush, and says that he must think like a bush, then he, as a 'bush' realizes that he has arms, and legs, like a human. Therefore his name is Manbush!
-a person in a bush
-someone hiding from people in trees
by Nitro-booster3 July 24, 2004
Top Definition
Untrimmed, untamed male pubic hair.
I asked Matthew and Brian if they trimmed their man bush?
#pubes #pubic hair #genitalia #hairy balls #bush
by Knobby Knees July 28, 2008
male pubic hair (since BUSH is considered by some to only pertain the the female)
My boyfriend has a beautiful, sexy hairy manbush.
#pubic hair #bush #abdomin #genitalia #pubes
by Jon64Bailey October 20, 2011
when you're walking along and are jumped out of nowhere by
a large group of gay men.
Hey Einlancer, who are those people?

It's a manbush, romance!
#tinychat #manbush #gay #romance #ambush
by rmancefag October 27, 2011
When a straight man unknowingly walks into a gay bar and is hit on by an overwhelming amount of men.
John: why are you so out of breath? and is that glitter on your neck?

Tom: I had to run from the gay bar, I let one guy buy me a cosmo and it turned into a total manbush.
#man bush #ambush #glitter #cosmo #gay bar
by a.vio September 15, 2009
Untrimmed, untamed and overgrown male pubic hair.
Matthew reealized he needed to trim his man-bush after it got caught in his zipper.
#pubic hair #pubes #hairy balls #genitalia #bush
by Knobby Knees August 01, 2008
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