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1. a bra for a man. used for men with large moobs
2. something that makes a man extra attractive
1. "dude my moobs are jiggling so much that i had to buy a manbra.
"that sucks"
"yeah i know. but the chicks dig it"
by moob lover November 17, 2007
a bra for men that have man-boobs
That guy needs a man bra when he runs on the tread mill
by Sophia1 January 29, 2008
something a man with moobs (man boobs) needs to wear, especially if he is wearing a tight shirt. also called a mra
person 1: hey man, i'm giving you some friendly advice. i think you've been eating too much. you need a manbra.
person 2: you know, i have been letting myself go... these moobs wont hold themselves up.
by manbra!! November 17, 2007