what guys get after eating to much chicken
"Uh oh, looks like William's been eating chicken again. He's got bigger man boobs that before..."
by Gwen Stefani Grrl October 21, 2003
A lot of estrogen in a male produces pectorals nearing female proportions.
Damn Taichi, have you been taking estrogen because you have man boobs?! Put some 22's on that sumbitch!
by Tally Wacker Johnston October 02, 2006
A guy with Lady-Like boobs
Oh my God,Peter! Why do you have Man Boobs!? Are you female now? Giggity Giggity Giggity Goo!
by FHGHTDZ July 16, 2012
a person who enjoys to tease women with his abnormally large breasts.
1.katie price: look owen trumans got bigger tits than i do!
2. look he has titties like a woman.(man boobs)
by connor tlee January 01, 2013
Something that fat guys have, similar to a woman's breasts, but nowhere near as attractive
If you searched for this, you probably have manboobs.
by Freak July 28, 2003
Man boobs is when the man is just so fat, you can make out two titty shape on his chest. This is extremely common throughout the US, where recent statistics shows that a shocking 98% of US male (ranging from fetus to corpse, only in the US of course) actually have man boobs.

The term given, by a recent scholar, is "moobs".
Moobs cannot be cured, as it is in all American male's gene to be fat and ridiculous, I am sorry, I cannot help you.

Scientist have speculated that in the future, because so many man in the US have moobs, 98% of the male offspring will be transformed into half male half female, fat, ugly, but with huge titties.

2: WHOA! You got Man Boobs? Mooooobs.....

1: Really? Wow, I'm only 6 : )

2: Puberty is awesome.

The example shown, also includes the example of a retarded American, who cannot determine the difference between growing moobs and reaching puberty.
by U MAD? July 15, 2012
extremely huge and luscious titties that feel very soft and are quiet huge. The nipple of a person with moobs are huge
my brother has man boobs and they are huge
by boobiefat November 07, 2011

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