Dangling mass of fat found on males that dont get out nearly enough. I emphasize the last part because they clearly need some exercise instead of sitting on their asses all day playing video games and watching tv.
Christ, that dudes got manboobs bigger than ur tits jessica.
by ZX2 Stud December 05, 2003
The breast of a fat chunky male
Lee Blackburn of Fleetwood, England, has breasts. HE is male but he has flabby nipples. These are classed as 'manboobs'!
by James May 01, 2003
Guys: if your titties are bigger than Jenna Jameson's LAY OFF THE KRISPY KREMES AND START DOING PUSH UPS!
That fatass got the biggest man boobs ever!
by Silky Smooth January 06, 2004
Is it not obvious....some fat dude with big floppy tits...
That fat-ass mutha fucka has some manboobs bigger than pamala anderson!
by D to tha Izzevin January 11, 2004
A boob that belongs to a particularly large man.
Joe: Have you seen Aaron's manboobs lately? They're HUGE!
Bob: Yes, I have; They are indeed, LARGE.
by Quench May 14, 2008
fatty deposits resembiling breasts (on a man)
by Rosh April 20, 2003
A result of too much oestrogen in the drinking water is the development of 'man boobs' or man breasts.
Look at the man boobs on that guy.
by phatboy November 02, 2003
Manboobs are when a man has saggy titties and looks as if he has never entered the gym. His body probably looks 50 years older than his real age.
Damn Terry, you got manboobs.
by TK May 19, 2004

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