a male who does more whining than a female and uttering of useless nonsense that doesnt go anywhere hence manbitch. uses phrases 8,9,10 year-old little girls would say such as ewwwwwwww omg lala skipping rope and so on
1.see that manbitch over there?
2.yea I see
1.he cries more than my 12 year old neice
2.no doubt too bad for him and his mommy
by SGT.PLOW February 01, 2008
Top Definition
Any man who does not follow the "Bros Before Hoes" rule.
Sean is the Man bitch!
by Hobbesc5 November 10, 2006
A man that acts like a bitch. Malicious, unpleasant selfish person; especially like a woman. Weak or comtemptible.
He's acting up again. What a Man Bitch!
by JLO69 December 30, 2007
Simply put, a man bitch is a friend that takes care of multiple chores and duties that you do not want to do. They also do it with great pride and without complaining. Often times they take the initiative, and consider it a great honor.
ie. pay the bar tab, give rides to airport, take care of the pets while you are away, pick up dry cleaning....Most MB's are talented at one thing or another, otherwise why have them around?....If you don't have a man bitch, you probably are one.
by Hop Sing March 22, 2004
a man with little or no assertiveness, who easily succumbs to the will of others, esp. women
Stan is a total manbitch, his wife made him pay back her parents for the cost of their wedding.
by SammyD October 03, 2005
The act of being a man bitch. A person that deserves no respect.

Must be said with emphasis on "Bitch"

Can be used in any conversation to exploit ones insecurities.

Said repetatively can cause manbitchery

Will be the end of all existence.

For more information read the Man Bitch Diaries
Larry is a Man Bitch!

Man Bitch Bitch!

Fuck yo Man Bitch Fuck

Ya Man Bitch!

Caleb Bitch Ya Man Bitch

Grady is a man bitch

by Tommy Taylor February 15, 2009
A guy who has particular woman-like antics which include; falling out with friends, going in a huff and moaning about certain individuals in full detail. Just the general bitchy woman attitude but one that has woven into a guys character.
Person1: "dude you coming down the pub?"
Person2: "I'm still not talking to you!"
Person3: "Dude stop being such a man-bitch and let's get a pint"
by R055 June 29, 2010
noun: A heterosexual male who has been trained by his wife or girlfriend to watch female oriented shows such as "The Bad Girls Club", "Flavor of Love", Lifetime Channel, and the like.

"Jason came to the realization that he had become a Man-Bitch when he chose to watch a Lifetime Movie with his wife instead of the Giants football game."
by BuggieBlade March 05, 2008

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