Dear editor, this entry does not violate any of the rules on the editor homepage. "Rule 3. Publish opinions. Don't reject an entry just because it's opinionated. Opinions are useful to readers unfamiliar with a topic. Don't reject an entry because you disagree or are offended. Don't reject an entry because you think it's inaccurate." It is not sexist as it is a view which can be held by any gender, does not generalise entire groups and does not mention any approval or promotion of discrimination. "Rule 2 Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it." So act with a little integrity, for once.

90% are useless, worthless arseholes who vote up and post misogynistic definitions. when they're not doing that they're probably whining their egocentric hearts out that people are complaining about their stupid misogynistic arses whilst desperately trying to distance themselves from that fact. despite this they'll often either a) not vote down male chauvinism and only recognise sexism exists when (shock, horror!) it's directed at them (useless, worthless arsehole) or b) laugh at misogyny and casual sexism and vote it up. c) the absolute rarity on urbandictionary: feminist male who votes down chauvinistic, masculist sociopathy and who doesn't expect people to simply accept casual chauvinism and irrational prejudice because some other oblivious, privileged arsehole who only empathises with their own interests (fuck you) finds it amusing.
"i laughed my head off at the notion of the delusional man who claimed UD was not a repository of the racist, sexist sentiments of antisocial, teenage white heterosexual males, they need to find a clue. off the top of my head: rape (15 out of 20 pages = misogynistic bullshit), domestic violence, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, patriarchy, women's rights, feminist (5 of 11), feminazi (5 of 8), surprise sex, faggot, dyke, mangina, slut, slut shaming, whore, bitch, cunt, cum dumpster, woman (16 of 20 - chauvinistic bullshit), women (8 of 10), female brain, female logic, 50 facts about women... cba to write any more, you only need to open your oblivious eyes to see what is evident, if you've been an editor you'll also know that almost every other definition that's submitted is a made up sexist term where the female is sexually degraded anyway or something racist/homophobic... which often still gets accepted, DESPITE it being against rule 2 on the editor homepage which states "2. Reject racist and sexist entries. Entries can document discrimination but not endorse it."(pissed off pirate, alabama hot pocket, red sock, anybody?), but what do you expect when 90% of the editors themselves are other egotistical antisocial, teenage white heterosexual males?"
a "man" can be defined by one of these three terms

1) dork

2) jerk

3) taken

I could go years before meeting an eligible man.
by dmannyjojo December 28, 2005

Man: How does a boy become a man usually by dissassociation..cutting off from the family,expected to challenge authourity,be aggressive,and manipulative at an early age..this is tolerated and encouraged by elders in most societies.

A boy then watches porn with his friends talks about 'hating' girls etc...Couple this with dissassociation from family the first cut off point is the mother,to become a man one must dissassociate from his emotions,become distanced from them and rely being a dick instead.

Not much has changed most boys are encouraged to behave in such a manner and it is even applauded!

Throughout the ages,man's identity has been synonymous with 'woman',usually the dominance and abuse of woman is part of forming his identity(in some way shape or form regardless of who the man is ,he may rely on being an immature boy or being a complete manipulative dick either way)his difference from 'woman' is his only claim to be a man..
Most men are not even man enough..more like a bunch of dater boys and full of shit
by porndaterrrrrrrrrrr November 02, 2010
The useless lump of flesh surrounding the penis.

Check out what "men" put in the women section. "Men?" More like boys.
I was trying to get sex but the stupid man wouldn't put his penis in my vagina.
by tamtam27 October 09, 2010
An extremely hormonal crazed, psychotic human of the male specamin, who spends his free time lounging on the couch and treating perfectly wonderful girls like shit.
Girl 1: Wow, Kevin sure is cute!

Girl 2: No way, girl. He may be cute, but Kevin is a man.

Girl 1: Oh, God! (Gasps and regrets ever liking Kevin in the first place.) Never mind!
by crazymichaela February 24, 2010
a human being only expecting to be able to do four things in life.
4.and sex

we as men are proud to do these things everyday.
Girl 1: "Yea, I went on the date with that one guy but i sware all he wanted was sex from me"

Girl 2: "hes just being man"
by Whisker Biscutes July 10, 2008
An object used for the amusement of women.

Offensive? Yeah, just a response to what a "man" wrote in the woman section.
I was so bored, so I decided to make my man lick my pussy and then I made it mow the lawn.
by The Happy Humanist February 11, 2010
A bipedal mammal of the homo sapiens variety that is born for ONLY some specific purposes and nothing else. Those Purposes are listed below:

1. taking the garbage out
2. cleaning the car
3. taking a more evolved homo sapiens (read woman) shopping
4. opening doors
5. fixing a leak, in short all the dirty jobs

this mammal can be trained into domestication with false assurances of superiority, food and BEER... doesn't often cry or shout, but sulks when angry and is rather notorious for the silent treatment. A social creature that prefers to stay away from family gatherings but cannot resist going to the pub with others of his kind for BEER!!! Much like the Sus scrofa domesticus (pig in scientific terms), this creature likes to wallow in filth, consoling itself with false notions of being "itself". Often, this creature confuses its private parts to be the seat of knowledge and begins to think with it. In all such cases, the more evolved specimen (woman) admits her mistake and charms it with sex and food (irresistible combination). However, this very act of the woman leads the man into thinking that every woman is born to please it, which is when a woman must take off the outer covering of protection for her hind limbs (sandals) and whack the man on its private parts, which is, by far the weakest area in its body inspite of all notions of its strength!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"Go! Take the garbage out! It's a man's job!"
by rebelbikergal April 24, 2010

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