1. A Male (Human)

to be brief, 90% of the definitions of man have been putting-down men. some of them say this is ok, because "men have wrote shti about women"

1. do you really want to go down to the level of insults?
if you do, be my guest, just dont involve me

what i am-A MAN

not a "pissed of, determined girl"

i am a MALE

I say what I Mean, when i Need/Want to, and USE MY HEAD.
(you think guys are stupid? how many female Einstines have ther been? Abe lincolns? Jesuses? NONE. 0. ZIPPO ZILCH NADA CERO.

that, is all I have to say
by dddavidp December 18, 2010
Man: Men can be divided into many groups by religion,race and culture all over the world

U.S.A empty headed porn obsessed,snuff obsessed p2 p sharing paedophiles or budding paedophiles

Lituainia: A dirty country with the most rascist people on earth..

Chechnya: Even worse.

Russia: Dont bother.

China: Only aborts female babies.

Japan: It is not illegal to view naked images of young girls in a sexual context online..maybe thats why there are so many americans there!

Vietnam: Some are in your soup (women)

Africa: The same.African sisters work hard but don't stand up to their man,who can have several wives and not only that DO NOT WORK.EVER.

France: Smelly cheesey cock.

Germany: STDS and BAD BREATH.

Sweden: The worst workplace womans rights ever.

Switzerland: The Same.

Ireland: Men can have as many prostitutes as the please.

England: Famous for using their wives heads as rugby balls.

Scotland the same.

Wales: even worse.and its overrun by throwbacks to the middle ages.. :(

White: Not always the ''CATCH'..Can be prone to passing on S.T.D.S..White men are staticallay known for their over use of prostitutes and are highly oversexed..In ''White'' culture it is okay for a man to have many girlfriends and or prostitutes,but not for his white girlfriend..if she tries shit on she might get beat up by the mean girls who worship STD infested COCK.

Wierd HUH?...I KNOW!
Black guys: Very beast animal like very much in the physical dimension(hey im not being rascist i am half black and half white)..They will hit pussy ..any pussy..

Asian Guys: Sterotypically known as neantherthals and mysoginists not all are but some are real nasty in some parts of the world it is okay for an asian man to beat a woman to death..even if she is not in the wrong,this is typically done by the cousins of the spouse and the spouse himself and of course the male elders and the bitter female matriarch..who in some cases sets the whole thing up..

Men are the reason for the oppression of women all over the world and still are opressing them even in developed countries like the U.S.A..Demand EQUAL PAY
by EVILVILLAGEPEOPLE October 23, 2010
Sentient creature only good for two things: money and amusement.

Intellectually inferior to the female counterpart, but has an inferiority complex which causes them to beat their fists on their chests and make strange, mammal-like noises a.k.a. shouting, screaming, bitch-fitting, throwing a tantrum.

Incapable of accepting their uselessness in bed, which is why a dildo is so much better because we can actually reach orgasm that way instead of enduring three minutes of grunts and groans before he ejaculates and we fake orgasm just to shut him up.

This creature likes to use violence against his female counterpart when she outwits him, because he is incapable of logic or reason and when things don't go his way he'll throw a hissy fit.

Synonymous to: Neanderthal, lazy cunt.
Female 1: What ever is that thing over there?

Female 2: That thing with limbs that is red in the face and shouting because dinner hasn't been prepared?

Female 1: Yes, that thing which is displaying the actions of an underdeveloped three-year old.

Female 2: Oh, that's just a man.

Female 1: Ah, I see now. I can smell his insecurity.
by Soluus May 27, 2010
A derogatory term for someone who is being unfair, stupid, idiotic, asshole-like, monstrous etc...
Man can refer to both males and females.
Ugh, he/she is such a man!
What a man!!!
Could he be any manlier!?
Some people can be such men!
by KittyKats March 26, 2008

A life support system for a penis. Is replaceable by a dildo. Soon to be abolished.

Meant to fuck, mow the lawn and do all the heavy lifting. Nothing else.

If you are offended by this definition, please see what "men" wrote about women. And you will understand.
Girl: Go mow the lawn, you worthless man!!!
by The Happy Humanist February 11, 2010
A dildo that deserves to be slammed and beaten.
The man should be eradicated
by The Happy Humanist February 11, 2010
n. unbeknownst slave to a woman. One who thinks he is in control of everything but really is not. Possesses intelligence inferior to that of a woman. Usually an asshole and should be trained to obey at all costs.
Her man is whipped.
She owns her man.
That man is an asshole.
by BMaria June 29, 2005
The total opposite of a woman.
1. snips and snails and puppy-dog tails
2. lazy—just sits on the coach and watches ESPN all day
3. burps
4. farts
5. reads the newspaper in the bathroom
6. doesn’t like to discuss love, romance or relationships
7. has a very short term memory vs a woman’s long-term memory
8. uses left-brain logic vs a woman’s right-wing compassion
9. moody
10. obsessed with violence
11. often seen sitting down while his woman tries on every outfit in the store
12. passive
13. causes war
14. dishonest
15. nonstop thoughts of sex
16. sex is physical for a man while emotional for a woman
17. visual stimulation vs a woman’s emotional stimulation
18. will do anything to get what he wants
19. egocentric
20. emotionless
21. can’t commit to a long-term relationship
22. insecure
A man isnt a man until he has a woman. Period.
by krock1dk December 06, 2007

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