1. A Male (Human)

to be brief, 90% of the definitions of man have been putting-down men. some of them say this is ok, because "men have wrote shti about women"

1. do you really want to go down to the level of insults?
if you do, be my guest, just dont involve me

what i am-A MAN

not a "pissed of, determined girl"

i am a MALE

I say what I Mean, when i Need/Want to, and USE MY HEAD.
(you think guys are stupid? how many female Einstines have ther been? Abe lincolns? Jesuses? NONE. 0. ZIPPO ZILCH NADA CERO.

that, is all I have to say
by dddavidp December 18, 2010
Can be used expressively or as an interjection.
"Man! I can't believe that punk did that!"
by Micah February 16, 2005
1. Prefix:
-1. Categirising things that are awesome or usualy as good as a man; manor, mane, manman, manbrain.
2. Suffix:
-1. Categorising things usualy not as good as a man; woman, Borman
-2. Categorising a select few exceptions from above such as things like Batman and Barman
3. Noun:
-1. an adult male person, as distinguished from a boy or a woman.
-2. the human individual as representing the species, without reference to sex because men are awesome and aliens wouldn't want to associate with a race connected to P.M.S or tampon ads; the human race; humankind.
4. Often refers to a gender that uses logic with emotion in mind, rather then the reversal of this used by many other of the human genders
1. Nice manor man, I bet you used your manman manbrain when you bought this one.
2. Who the fuck is Frank Borman? Can you ask the barman batman?
3. Hey man. (translated from alien texts)
4. Man
by Sam Oatmeal March 04, 2009
Kamina. Plain and simple.
Person 1: "Now your a real man John!"

Person 2: "Oh you mean like Kamina?"
by Ares Destroyer December 12, 2008
1. The other gender of gender of the human race (seefemale), generally the stronger (muscle) gender, the less emotional gender (not counting italians) the more sex wanting one and generally the more aggressive and violent one.
Although this is generally the usual case it isn't all the time, men can be weak and emotional and not generally sex crazed or violent and women aren't always weak and emotional or slutty or money hungry and or the general stereotype. Things differ from person to person.

2. Man: A word to use when directing a statement at someone, a word used when complaining about somthing and a word that was popularised by hippies
1. That man is a sleaze ball.
2. My man is great.
3. That girl is fine, man.
4. Aw man that sucks.
5. Pass the bong maaaaannnn.....
by James Haig August 04, 2006
adding the suffix man to your name gives you an air of complete legendness
yo jonman!/watup patman?
by jonny91 August 02, 2006
boyfriend, husband, male partner
Ma man loves me takes me everywhere!
by Tasha March 08, 2005
not a woman
by !:[natasha]:! November 16, 2008

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