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Slang term that Anthony uses out of randomness.
Guy: Dude, so I was walking down the street and I saw this...
Anthony: Dude! Man's ass?
by Justin W. June 05, 2004
a descriptive term used to identify when a male talks back, issues an impertinent or disrespectful statement, or a particularly sassy reply to another person, usually a female
Wife: "Honey, I think it's time to go."
Husband: "Why don't you make me?"
Wife: "Did you just man-sass me?"
by shedoestherobot June 18, 2011
Gripe or complaint of a womanly nature coming from a male.
Person 1: "Hey Adam, you're ugly as hell"
Person 2: "Dakotah, if I wanted your man sass I'd ask for it."
by SkarBear October 11, 2009
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