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A man's semen or sperm
"She had a little of my man yogurt last night for her late night snack."
by Mike Sarno October 15, 2003
-men's yogurt for douche women or gay men
-semen in a yogurt container
-manly yogurt?
-Cody: Maaan that man-yogurt totally knocked me up yesterday!!

-John: You know man-yogurt makes you manly man!
-Ray: Yea man lets get some!!
-JohnYea because we are so unmanly man!
-Ray: Totally, but we cannot tell anyone, K?!
-John: Why though?
-Ray: Because it semen...
-John: Heck Yea...we could get pregnant, lets goo!!
-Ray: Yeaaa boi...all homo!!
by DOUCHe Lord January 25, 2011

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