An intricate network of males of various social standing, arranged and used for a variety of functions to satisfy the needs and whims of one centrally situated female. Use of more than one male for the same need is an oft used method, but much like a spider web, crossing of 2 threads could cause damage to entire web. The introduction of another woman to the web is discouraged, but can be done if executed carefully.
Tina's man web consisted of 2 comedians who provided laughter, a handyman who serviced her home, a fitness instructor who provided training sessions, a chef who prepared meals, a male model who accompanied her on social engagements and an analyst to manage the logistics of the man web.
#manweb #menweb #collection of men #spiderweb of men #black widow
by BlackOut February 07, 2012
Top Definition
Your sweaty ball sack stuck to both legs.
I've been riding this motorcycle in the heat so long , I'll have a permanent man web .
by The Old Salt October 21, 2015
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