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When a guy washes his hands with as little water as possible, usually without soap. He then proceeds to dry his still dirty hands transfering most of the dirt to a clean hand towel. The hands usually come away cleaner than the towel.
Husband: Honey, I've finished working in the garage.
Wife: Did you remember to wash your hands?
Husband: (fucking himself of course) Yes dear.
Wife: Did you use soap?
Husband: Soap?
Wife: You stupid fuck head, that's another good hand towel you've ruined with your man wash!
Husband: Shut up bitch, or I'll summon Limecat!
by Shaithis April 11, 2007
1: When a man needs to clean either himself or an item of his clothing in a hurry. This is achieved by spraying his clothes or, as the case may be, himself, with copious quantities of deodorant. Success is rare, and actual washing is always preferable, but requires substantially more time and effort, and therefore is frequently avoided.

2: When one cannot / does not have time to brush one's teeth, and a tic tac or gum is the only viable alternative.
Man 1: "Dude this shirt is filthy, I can't wear this shit..."
Man 2: "It's cool just give it a quick man-wash, no one will notice!"

Man 2: "You fucking stink!"
Man 1: "Shit and I'm meeting my girlfriend in 10 minutes!"
Man 1: "Hang on let me run inside, a quick man-wash and it'll be fine.
by ßæ$† July 22, 2010
Body wash designed specifically for men.
My favorite type of manwash is made by Old Spice.
by MechaTC April 14, 2005
to wash a peice of clothing, without any soap or water, just spray it with a lot of axe body spray.
my hoodie smelled so i gave it a quick man wash
by codyakaclassic November 21, 2007
To try to clean your shirt or any other article of clothing using a wet cloth or even in more desperate situations, spit & your finger. Used when you need to get rid of a stain (or at least make it so it's not so noticeable) real fast & on the fly.
"John got a pasta stain on his shirt & dipped his napkin into his glass of water to try to clean it"

"Matt got this big ass lasagna sauce stain on his shirt! Looks like he gave it a quick man wash cuz it's not as noticeable as it was at first"
by DJHill September 17, 2006
A human car wash. Traditionally run by man-washettes, a girl or team of girls who perform the Man Wash, visitors to a Man Wash are lathered up, scrubbed down and towel dried by these beautiful girls. Man Washes can also be recreated at home in the shower

1) I am so hot and sweaty – I could do with a Man Wash

2) She’s hot – she could give me a Man Wash any day

by Jay Clarke July 24, 2006
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