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This is self-descriptive, isn't it? If a man is so fat that he needs a bra, he got man titties! If a man got titties, it's time to lay off the ice cream and start doing push-ups!
Put your damn shirt on, Bob! I don't wanna look at those nasty man titties!
by Nasty Nate June 18, 2003
breasts on a man

a sign to lay off the bacon double cheesburgers & super-sized fries

also known as man boobs
Hey, Tony... when you & your woman make love WHO SUCKS WHO'S TITTIES?!
by Bozz Hawg May 05, 2004
big saggy tits on a male..that bounce all around
WOW...john has some enormous man tittys!
by Nicolle November 30, 2004
a fat dude's tig ol bitties
You fat fuck! When you fuck your wife, WHO SUCKS WHOSE TITITES!?!
by Harry Johnson June 11, 2003
a man so fat that he has to call other people fat so to try and occupy him from relizing he's go BOOBS, needs a bra, and should probably start going to the gym more often.

Both my brother and unlce have big man titties and need to wear a bra.
by Lola 620 February 22, 2007
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