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a t-shirt that has had the sleeves cut off with a knife, and then using said sleeve-one to put on your head as a hat as you use sleeve-two to wipe the excess cheeseburger from your face. Preferably a very cool shirt should be made into a man tank.
My starwars episode I man tank is better than your camp wolf tooth man tank.
by man tanker June 30, 2010
(m) noun, verb, adjective, adverb
-a mammal specifically a woman who was blessed with man-like features, characteristics and mannerisms
-an occupation a man tank will do the best in is a bodyguard
-man tanks require a LARGE amount of food for them to function
She is a man tank.
She mantanks her way to victory.
She mantankly walked through the hallways.
She has a mantank walk.
by mantanksliketuna May 13, 2009
A surfers tank top worn by many frat guys when it starts to get warm outside, no matter how non attractive they look in it. Man tank motto: Sun's out, guns out!
Girl 1: I have seen 15 guys with the last 15 minutes with a man tank on.
Girl 2: It must be spring!
by littlealiciauh March 25, 2012
An ugly female who is built like a man
"wo check out that chatpank mantank over there!"
"Shes a proper mantank"
by Ric December 02, 2003