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man tan

This was the brand name for a self-tanning lotion created in the 1960's, to appeal to a male audience. By extension, any tan that's "man tan" is fake. The expression is commonly used to mean an artificial suntan in both the US and the UK.
1) She put on man tan the day before she went to the beach so she wouldn't be fish-belly white her first day out.

2) UK usage:
"The £2.99 man tan on sale"

"No need to hit the beach anymore. It's not usually men who get accused of faking it - but that may be about to change. Preening males can now look bronzed to perfection - with the launch of a cheap fake tan aimed exclusively at them. It gives a gradual tan, so they don't go from Peter Crouch to Peter Andre overnight.

" 'British men are more image-conscious than ever,' said the manager of the supermarket selling it. 'We hope it helps blokes achieve the glow they're after, without the tell-tale streaks.' "

3) USA usage:

" As a native Californian trapped in New York, I’ve watched my former consistently bronze glow fade to a somewhat gray shade of pale. So…what’s a guy to do, you may be thinking? (...) I hit the city streets in search of a sunless man tan. (... I chose) the spa’s 'organic spray' tan, which promises a natural looking tan using a unique combination of mineral salt bronzers, beets, sugarcane and the approved cosmetic tanning agent, DHA 20."
by pbchloe August 14, 2009
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The tan that a male with thick and full facial hair receives from prolonged exposure from the sun. Shaving one's facial hair after being in the sun for a long time results in a pale area on the face where the facial hair was prior to shaving.

Any tan outline that results from shaving facial hair after getting enough sun show a visible difference in skin color causes the individual to have a "man tan"
Friend: Looks like you got a lot of sun today!

You: Yeah I did! I'm going to go shave my face now, so I can show off my man tan.

Friend: Is a man tan is a good thing??

You: Duh! Just wait until you see my man tan, you'll be like: Winning!
by JimHalpert April 13, 2011
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A word used by men wishing to explain that they are not gay, feminine or black-wannabe though they are tanned
Man 1: Man, look at you, youre like a fag!
Man 2: Naaah, its a man tan, see?
Man 1: Oooh, nice!
by Kai Robert February 26, 2007
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The tan line on a man's left ring finger caused by a wedding band. It is seen after the wedding band has been recently removed.
I met this real cute guy in the club. Things were cool until I saw his man tan. Dude was married trying to hide his ring in his pocket.
by double-up November 20, 2007
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To recieve a darkening on your skin from manly acts.
"Dude, i gotta sweet Man-tan."
by Andy Ford March 28, 2007
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The white-ness that's on your thigh from wearing longish shorts too much, like a man would do during the summer.

Therefore you have a tan line on the middle of your thigh when you wear your bathing suit.
"Oh man! Look what i got from playing softball this season"
"A freaking man tan!"
by shlanklova June 01, 2009
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To dance or perform for a white person.
Sam was forced to mantan infront of his white boss in Casablanca.
by MatteoSMU May 07, 2006
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