A man who tries his very best to sleep with the majority of his year group at high school, including the guys.
Guy 1 "Hey man I think im guna ask that girl out over there"

Guy 2 "nah dont waste your time, girls suck ass, try guys....they are tighter than 18 yr old women"

Guy 1 "u f*ckin Man Slag, lol."
by Ace_of_Wales February 15, 2006
Top Definition
a man who gets with girls and cheats on them or only gets with them for sex. a man who has multiple partners at one time.
Aarron Hoff is a man slag because he cheats on people
by ldedfncwleJUCBDFDV December 12, 2010
A guy who trys to get with anyone despite already having a girlfriend.
Callum: Hey Dan, stop tryna get with that slut, you go out with Rhi.
Dan: Shut up man, I'm to horny to wait til tomorrow.
Callum: Dan you're such a manslag.
by Frank ahah January 02, 2008
A man who has spreaded his seed amongst plenty of women (has sexual intercourse with alot of women, but mainly ugly or fat ones)
Erics such a man slag, he shagged 4 women in a day, in fact one of them was my sister!
by JJCG November 12, 2007
someone who asks everyone out despite the high chance of rejection. someone who doesn't think of someone else's feelings when maybe cheating on them or dumping them and especially when arguing..
oh, and who is a man:)
josh: will you go out with me?
Seth: no
josh: will you go out with me?
Aimee: no
josh will you go out with me?
Bekka: no
josh: will you go out with me?
Holly: yes
josh: (whilst going out with holly) seth will you go ot the prom with me?
Seth: no
seth + hannah: he's such a man slag!
by WarbleHarvey May 17, 2012
a man that changes girlfriends every week, and is always with someone new. similar to the female slag
Jenny: look there's Ben!
Harriet: ooooh shake your bum, he's easy cos he's a manslag!
by PeppyAvenue March 06, 2012
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