The time of the month when a teenage boy, NOT A MAN, experiences hormonal changes which affect his usual state of bitchiness to an extreme level.
-need to run 10 miles a day
-touching themselves
-often having rant sessions about the girls they can't get and how bitchy they are, when in reality she's way to good for him and he's to stupid to know how to get a girl in the first place
-often doing stupid things repeatedly with other members of the penile race
-need to have excessively long lingering conversations with oneself involving why they didn't get the girl and expressing their sadness via music and holes in wall.
-lost in thought
-a permanent angry look stuck one their face
-frequent bathroom visits
-drumming fingers on the desk
-tapping feet
-less than needed humming of sad song by some random band that was cool in the 50's. aka the 18 hundreds
-can't express themselves except through song, dance, and pervy comments (more like shuffling..)
-getting lost in a hot girls legs.. I mean, I mean... eyes!
-looking around with nervous glances
-suddenly brings up inside joke that no one else knows
-needs to be the center of attention
-over-drama-tization of their problems
-frequently solving crossword puzzles and math problems
-coming up with more sad songs to sing about during next man period
-putting random programs on their fancy graphing calculator
-still wondering about that girl..
-madly in love with Rae (nice justin)
Boy on man period, "Oh dude I just heard this cool band the star gazers and theirs this one song that reminds me of my life, but i won't tell you what is is."
by definentlynotchelsea<3luvyouj January 07, 2011
Top Definition
The sole and absolute male counterpart to pms in females. Multiple changes in behaviour(s) at various times in the month is characteristic of this affliction.

Symptoms Include:
-fear of reality
-abrupt irritibility
-unwillingness to solve problems
-inconsiderate, yet expects you to be excessively considerate to his feelings
-displays momentary regression back to childish nature(‘little boy syndrome’)
-argumentative but totally still wants to sleep with/do you @ the end of the day
-onset of inwardness
-inconsiderate, yet expects you to be excessively considerate to his feelings
-sporadic moments where he cares again, but doesnt actually mean it
-failure to initiate the apology and or admitting wrongfulness
-purposely goes out of the way to frustrate others(*See ‘little boy syndrome’ above; ie. If he’s miserable, EVERYONE else has to be)
-clearly shows signs of holding onto young man angst(and all things EMO) and behaving like such a little douchebag because of it
-the OPPOSITE of helpful
"You should totally ask your boyfriend if he has his man period right now as that would explain a lot."

"Well anyways, I explained the situation to him and hopefully he's not secretly angry..he hasn't replied yet..I suspect man period is the culprit."
by shanellek February 18, 2007
n. When a man has all the syndrom's of a P.M.S.
Man, my teacher was having a major man period today when I didn't hand in my homework.
by Alecandro12 March 11, 2011
pmsing of the male gender.
Males seem to have a "period" as like females.
None of the bleeding syndormes but the mood swings and high level of irriation.

man period symtoms
-Yelling,shouting constantly
-storming off in a mad /anger mannor
-making others feel guilty
-seeming to think that their always right
-savere mood swings
-irritated more than usual
-non willing to addmit they did something wrong
-more than the usual food consumption
-more emotional intake
by group_of_fariys June 16, 2009
a male bitching about something and acting childish and rude to people.
ipv6freely/Chris is having his man-periods once more.
by binary-zero February 09, 2010
When a man experiences PMT symptoms at his time of the month.
Bob's on his manperiod.
He's been crying over the housework all morning.
by TheSophizm July 15, 2008
The time of the month in which a man bitches about everything and acts like a big pussy usually caused by a women's lack of sexual drive and bad attitude during her menstrual period.
Yo Bill is totally on his manperiod he has been pissed and acting all sick this week, it's probably because Becky got hers too.
by Jayin July 13, 2008
A man-period is the time of the month where a man will get angry and horny for no real explanation. During the time frame of 4-7 days a man will be more likely then not to A) Punch some fucktard in the face B) Sleep with Random women C) Yell for no real reason or D) Rip clothes off of spouse/girlfriend/significant other. During this time it is advised to appease the man with porn, sex, or junk food.
Man suffering from Manperiod -*Looks around* "Grrrr mumble grumble...."
Random guy - "What are you looking at?"
Man - "SMASH!" *Rips head off of stranger and shits down neck*
by Gamibash January 04, 2011
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