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when you pull your sack over your penis and creates a "patty".
guy 1: Dude, my mom caught me doing a man patty in the bathroom....

guy 2: Your a loser, why do I even hang out with you?
#sack #penis #balls #wang #cancer
by Flaming Oak Trees January 07, 2006
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An exceptionally attractive male specimen, having such qualities as manly muscles, facial hair, charm,etc. Man patties can can be said to exist with or without cheeze, depending on the degree of hotness.
"Oh girl! Did you see that delicious man patty in the bar? Mmmm! I wanna take him home!"
"Hey did you see that dude? He was a hot man patty.... with cheese baby! Yummy!"
#hottie #sexy #hot #big daddy #fuckable
by thebigT-rex February 02, 2009
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