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in other word superman. the great hero there every was. no one else can name another super hero who even comes close to the greatness that is the "man of steel". also known as Kal-El.
The man of steel is so my home boy! he just flys me around everyday in his strong manly arm.
by Caro line May 02, 2007
Superman's nickname. Otherwise known as DC Comics most celebrated badass. First appearance in Action Comics #1, original creator being Jerry Siegel. The Man of Steel is the most badass superhero ever created, having almost every superpower, including super speed, super strength, flight, invulnerability, laser vision, x-ray vision, other visions.
The Man of Steel is Superman.
The Man of Steel is a badass superhero.
by Tom Kane May 10, 2014
A nickname for a penis that can stay up for a while.
Girlfriend, "Aye, are you off yet"
Boyfriend, "Nahh, I got a Man of Steel baby"
by Goliad Striesand July 20, 2014
1)a man that has a cock made of steel
2) a erection made of steel
Hey did you see kevin in the locker room? He has a man of steel!
by Salamanderb0ss January 07, 2016
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