A dangerous and feared move by men , often used by women , against men in wrestling matches.In this move , the woman grops,twists,squezzes , punches and in general destroys the man's penis. It is allowed in mixed wrestling and is a major reason why men are intimidated by women during mixed wrestling matches.
Phil screamed in pain as his wife made the the man killer move on his testis.

The girl tortured the guy by appling a man killer on private parts
by Kim girl November 02, 2007
Top Definition
The testicle crushing move apllied by women during mixed wrestling
Nikki Fierce applied the man killer on Dick's penis.
by sunshine selma November 07, 2007
a woman who is very popular among men and whom every man wants to have sex with.
She is both a siren and a mankiller.
by uttam maharjan October 02, 2013
N: A fart that smells so bad it puts people lives in danger.

Adj: A word describing a fart so severe that people may die
Steve had tacos at happy hour and was letting loose mankillers all night at the bar.

That smells worse than shit, its a man killer

Silent but Deadly is an understatement, Steve was putting out mankiller farts.
by sd007 November 06, 2009
A girlie movie that a man is forced to see instead of an awesome action movie.
I'd love to see Iron Man with you guys, but my girl is making me see that mankiller Made of Honor.
by Ray Walston April 08, 2008
Large breasts that are able to literally kill a man.
they can be a blessing or your final DOOM
"he man check those out"
"nah man those things are Mankillers, they'll take you out!!"
by thegman84 April 03, 2007
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