A man who has lost touch with his testosterone who indulges in actions deemed inappropriate for men, but acceptable for the opposite sex.
Look at that manhoe sticking his tongue out in pictures! Disgusting! hoe manho gay manslut
by P-BAD February 22, 2010
An improper spelling for the term of a man who is generally pretty slutty/pimpin', whichever you prefer. "Man hoe" is actually the term for a particularly masculine gardening instrument.
"Hey, can I borrow your man hoe?"
"Yeah, it's in the shed."

"He's a man hoe!"
"You mean a man ho?"
"How do you know which I meant?"
"We're texting."
"Oh, yeah."
by Scyze December 26, 2009
When a dumbass claims to be in love with more then 3 girls in less than about 2 weeks, usually trying to act like a fboy
Hey, that guy Mike is such a manhoe, he thinks hes a pimp or something
by Kbj3 June 10, 2016
Michael San Miguel; Dumbass that goes for
titties&bo0tayy; Someone who says "I Guess" to
everything; Does the "lip thing" in pics; Claims he
rich--NOT!! WHUT A BiTCH; "can't forget the past"; you
hate him--but you love him; "N.V.A.";
Look at that man hoe fight!
That man hoe can't fight for shit!
"I guess" , said the man hoe
by miike imaHATERS February 25, 2005
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