A place where you keep all your favorite stuff, you do what ever you want and nobody bothers you... It used to be called your Life, but then you got married so now its just a room.
Were gonna watch the football game in Charlies Man Cave. Hes got a pool table, darts, a bar, and a 70in flatscreen!
by seuthsayer29 January 17, 2013
A term coined by metrosexuals who have forgotten what a garage is for. I.E. not their leased BMW’s and wife’s gym equipment that she doesn’t use any more.
Have you seen Jim’s new man cave? It has a PlayStation 4, a 60 inch TV and the perfect combination of pale taupe walls with a natural berber carpet in pale nimbus. Did I happen to mention that the chardonnay is fantastic.
by Z. McMasters April 10, 2014
The hairy stank hole between a mans two butt cheeks.
"Grab the lube, Joe, I'm entering your man cave!"
by hellybelly123 March 15, 2013
chiefly american -
a bastardization of "den" or "study" that has brought shame to the english language. man cave is one of those words that makes the listener shudder.

origin of man cave: coined by a slob at the end of the first decade of the 21st century, the repulsive word "man cave" was picked up by a growing population of people with bad taste to describe a deplorable emerging phenomenon of banality. whereas in the past, men who were lucky enough to have an extra room in their houses would generally use them for research, writing, or other constructive activities, a certain new group of men with an abundance of resources and nothing upstairs, began using their extra rooms for sloth and hedonism. words like "study" could no longer be used in a coherent way, while more accurate words likes "porn room" had too many negative connotations. thus, man cave was created to describe this unfortunate consequence of a society afflicated by the disease of affluence.

essential characteristics: man cave is a place where an over-sized slob sits in an over-sized arm chair in front of an over-sized tv and looks at ugly women with over-sized breasts, in a part of the house away from his over-sized wife.
wife: why dont you spend any time with me anymore? youre always in that damn room!
husband waddles to towards the basesment
wife: good! go to your man cave. i dont want to see youre ugly face anyway. i know what you do down there! you filthy bastard!
by acbaebcdedcbcdcba January 21, 2012
The only room in the house that The Man will clean. ... Wife or GF can clean the rest of the house.
Mikey's Man cave
by BermudaMike February 03, 2011
I would guess that this would be a puerile diversion that is a temporary regression to the psychosexual stage of development known as latency (the ages between 5 or 6 to the time of pimples and interest in girls) with the upper middle class and above. You would need a house with space for a possible knockabout mannish place where lace is not allowed.
This would offer a respite from events that are stressful and jettison to a time when the demands of adulthood morph to the days you hung signs on clubhouses, " No Grils Aloud."
Hunter threw Sissy out of the man cave when she came in to quiet down the ruckus of Brady's last touchdown pass"
by redrum67 December 28, 2013
The act of putting ones head in a womens vigina immediately after women have given birth. (Head must pass the labia majora) a.k.a mancaving
Yo dude. Want to go mancave at the hospital?
by spladunker February 11, 2013

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