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The ultimate male culinary delight.

The man breakfast (TM) must contain all of the following.

Black Pudding
Hash Browns
Toast/Fried Bread

Extra such as ketchup, brown sauce, salt and pepper are essential.

The man breakfast is the only way to defeat a hangover, which is God's way of telling you that you had a good night.
Hey! You left the mushrooms off this man breakfast!

Oi! There's chips on my man breakfast - take it away!
by Jamie Douglas December 18, 2006
1) (n) Side-kick to Kulek, very similar to "Robin" from Batman, especially in regards to the heavy homosexual overtones.
2) (adj) A complete prick.
1) I'm excited for Kulek and ManBreakfast's gay wedding!
2) Don't be such a ManBreakfast dude.
by RatiGoddess September 12, 2008
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