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the name gives to the Male's breasts when they grow to abnormally large size. Manboos are common on the heavier sized Male, and are not to be mistaken for a normal females breasts.
Damn, Bilbo's manboobs are almosts as big as his Mom's!
by Bizznatch June 30, 2002
An abnormal size of the male chest..where on a fat or skinny guy has (breasts)
Vince made me feel his 'manboobs' in the hallway!
by Amber December 09, 2003
Dangling mass of fat found on males that dont get out nearly enough. I emphasize the last part because they clearly need some exercise instead of sitting on their asses all day playing video games and watching tv.
Christ, that dudes got manboobs bigger than ur tits jessica.
by ZX2 Stud December 05, 2003
Taxi driver in North London of Indian origin who claims that there is only one shop open in London after 2am, the shop being in Brick Lane.
Also a term for a liar.
Man Boob, Man boob, are you telling me there is only 1 shop open in a city of 8 million? You're a liar Man boob.
by robbie3425645764 December 14, 2007
what really fat men have. They look like big sacks of mayonaise blended in with the skin.
I'm glad i'm flatchested
by not a wapanese October 17, 2003
when a male with a penis has titties the size of a womans. as in the man is fat.
dude, go look up mr. pregnant titties like a woman on youtube.
its a black guy with man boobs!!
by greeny169 September 20, 2008
A wrestler who just got added to the WWE roster recently, goes by the alias Big Daddy V.
"Damn - that fuckers got bigger tits than Tera Patrick"
"Yeah, he calls himself Big Daddy V and wins most of his matches by sitting on people. He's got the biggest set of man boobs I've ever seen. They should make him wear a bra, not those stupid suspenders"

Any massively fat cuntox, who is so fat they've grown tits, but unfortunately for all the BBW websites, they were born A MAN!!
by kissmyshiny October 05, 2007