a fellow who can often be seen around the city... Particularly in the right places or with the right people. Dapper, sociable, and fashionable.
Quite the man about town, Bobby was friendly with all the right people.
by Honor July 24, 2004
Top Definition
A sophisticated, suave male urban dweller; one who knows which bars to frequent, where the fashionistas dine, and which shows one must see.
The character of James Bond epitomizes the concept of a "Man About Town".
by balbulican July 21, 2004
A gentleman with a bit of a reputation (sexual)with the ladies.
That Bill Clinton is a bit of a man about town.
by BC July 21, 2004
A slang term, no longer used, to describe a player.
To give an example, I'd have to transport myself to the seventies
A euphemism for a wannabe pimp who don't have no bitches.
Dick: Whoa, dude! That Snoop?
Jane: Na man, its a man about town.
by Bennett July 18, 2004
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