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In Puerto Rico means a "cock sucker." Also means wimp.
No seas mamao! (don't be a cock sucker)
Ese tipo es un mamao! (that dude is a cock sucker)
by Pedro September 07, 2004
A very insulting way of saying sucker. Used mostly by PR's.
Your boyfriend is a mamao for not kissing you.
by Taino boy December 12, 2003
"MAMAO" abbreviated from mamado (mama'o) is a term mostly used by Puerto Ricans as "Sucker". Although literally it is in past tense as in someone who was sucked, it is not used as such given that its "o" "do" ending makes it audibly similar to the ending of most other descriptive words in Spanish (equivalently so to the many descriptive English words ending with "er").

"MAMON" is the equally popular synonymous that literally translates to "sucker".

"MAMA BICHO" is a stronger variation. It means "cock sucker" in Puerto Rican slang. This is so because "bicho" is used, and only used, as "cock" in PR (it's equally strong and thus mostly reserved for vulgar and informally explicit sexual dialogue). In the rest of Latin America and Spain "bicho" just means "bug" or "creature".

(It must be noted that, understandably, in Puerto Rican culture these terms are never used to insult women and are most times, if not always, solely employed to insult men)
Jodido mamao, uno le pregunta algo simple y te monta una perreta.

Fucking sucker, one asks him something simple and mounts a tantrum on you.

Que mama bicho, ahora se esconde detras de la mujer.

What a cock sucker, now he hides behind his wife.
by Gallardo2 July 18, 2009
Its a spanish slang for beaing tird or lazy. Used in South America mostly colombia and ecuador.
No pana no puedo hacer nada estoy mas mamao or me siento mamao.
by zam84 December 12, 2010
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