a sexy woman, total milf, gives good head, cougar, monster in bed, good piece of pie, finger lickin good,
Man that was finger licking good. Did you see how good Mama K is in bed
#mamak #sexy #fat #old #short #milf
by Nueve_Dos August 17, 2011
Top Definition
A street side restaurant found in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, open 24 hours a day.
Lets have supper at the Mamak
by nick October 23, 2003
Is a term commonly used in Malaysia and Singapore referring to a person of Southern Indian-Muslim background. It is thought that the term originated from the word 'mama' which is frequently used by Tamil-Muslims meaning 'uncle'. Some Indian-Muslims in Malaysia find this term offensive or racist.
I didn't know he was a mamak. No wonder he didn't have any Hindu icons at his restaurant.
#indian-muslims #malaysia #tamils #south indian #muslims
by kawaputra October 03, 2006
To eat at a road side stall
Lets go and mamak.
by nick October 23, 2003
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