a second-to-none idiot.
is a 150% venezuelan word.
as a matter of fact, i lives there , and use it , let's say ... 2000 times a day. what a sweety word to my ears !!
you are such a "mamaguebo"
(translated): tu eres tremendo mamaguebo !!!
by erpollo April 11, 2004
Top Definition
one who sucks cock
BrendonW is a mamaguebo!
by CraZy January 17, 2004
It literaly means Cock Sucker in spanish.

Its a curse word that is more offensive in some countries but less offensive in others. Sometimes it is used as a term of endearment while still being rude.
"Coño mamaguebo, tu no llama a nadie". "deja la mamaguebada tuya coño". "Los venenzolanos crearon mamar guebo entre hombres, no la palabra"
by Guebo Bueno August 06, 2015
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