In spanish also means that someone make you something bad.
That guy really makes me a mamada ! ! !
by Tre Manzon June 27, 2006
Top Definition
Spanish for blow job
That ruca gives one hell of a mamada
by Lucky XIII August 31, 2005
1*mexican slang for fellatio.

2*it is also used to descrive something lame.

3*mamon is a branch of that same word.
mamon would be used to descrive someone thats arrogant, an asshole.
1*Gina gives greeeeate mamadas!!

2*what the fuck is up with all the mamadas youve done?!

3*I hate THat fucking mamon son of a bitch!!
by KatChamber August 28, 2007
the spanish word for a blow job that the foriegn kid told you at school
that whore gives one hell of a mamada
by gigi123456 January 24, 2009
Something very unusual, unlikely to happen, usually hilarious;
Used as an adjetive for things: Something which is very bad at its purpose; whether it is good or bad depends entirely on the context;
Applied to people: Someone who is very good at something, or it's just very funny;
Mamadas (Plural of mamada): Bullshit.
Qué mamada! (That can't be!)
Es una mamada! (That thing is useless/ He or she is great, or hilarious)
Son mamadas! (That's bullshit!)
by MasterChafa February 10, 2014
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