a man who loves his mother more then his girlfriend or any other woman in his life.

on some real talk tho any woman that get's mad at a man who loves his mother needs to know her fucking place.

if you ask any man they always put mom before girlfriend cuz with out his mom he wouldent even be there.

Rose "chris why you always going to help your mom insted of being with me

Chris "..what? BITCH YOU DIDENT RAISE ME!! Rose you need to learn your fucking place you will never come before my mother and that how it is...clean up this damn house.

Rose "you are such a mama's boy"

Chris "and your fat now shut the fuck up. ill be back in 2 hours."

ha lol
by ffes February 15, 2009
some dude who keep living with his mom or his mom is a fuck'n bicth with the son.
josh your a fuck'n mamasboy
by Alexander E November 11, 2005
1. A "man" that has jis mom buy him a house and then calls it his own.

2. A "man" that goes through his wife's text messages; finds one in which she refers to him as a "Mama's Boy" (alternative spellings exist) then calls his mom to come move him out of the house she bought him. Then he moves back in with his parent's.
Him: "Mom, please come get me. I was snooping through V*******'s phone texts and saw where she called me a Mama's Boy to one of her girlfriends. Please come move me out. PLEASE!?!?!?"

Mom: "Sure B****, your Dad and I will be right over."
by Flabberghasted Relative November 02, 2011
A boy that pretends to be a man. He can't handle real life situations because he runs to his mom like a little bitch. This boy will have a stable relationship with a woman because he is still sucking on his mother s tit. Every argument, every event, hell everytime he have sex ,, his mother will no about it.! He looks for mother's consent before any decision with wife/gf. Try to make himself seem like angel in her eyes. Mama boys are man raised in single parent homes, alcoholics or spoiled brats.
Wife: I am so tired of you telling your mother our business. Handle it itself. MAN UP.!
Mama's Boy: *calls mom*
by blackass! February 24, 2015
A bitch ass man who can't do anything for himself without his mama. A grown ass man who is still hanging on his mother's hip like a infant. A punk bitch who can't stand on his own two feet.
1)Tony and his girl got into it and he went crying to his mama like a little bitch.
2)Ma, can you buy the baby some diaper's she said she gonna take me down for child support.
-Bitch buy yo own child some diapers-
by YGOOD May 12, 2005
Man who tries to appear macho and everything, but still has something that gives away that he is not his own man. That is, that it is mommy who still calls the shots. A mama's boy. One who has his mother make his limp noodle of a dick "hard" before she allows him to have sex with another woman. And this other woman must be "mommy approved" first, or he has to go down on her (mommy), as opposed to his usual sucking her tits.
Pierce Brosnan--the guys doing the James Bond movies finally wised up and dumped him. So now he is crying on mommy's lap.

Tom Cruise--typical overbearing "macho" that tries to convince everyone he is the toughest; just to hide the fact that he is a mama's boy.
by Someone- August 10, 2006
A grown man who just can't seem to pull himself off his mother's left tit(or her right one, for that matter.)
Me and Jeremy were goin' at it like dogs in his basement, and his mother yells at him to come help with the groceries, and he throws his jeans on and runs to her like a bitch. What a mama's boy!
by sexie chocolate October 23, 2004
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