boobs,hot breasts, boobies ,bikini skin ,
wht great mamas

i love to look at her mamas

big mamas
by karan gurung January 30, 2006
the breasts
That girl had big mamas
by YOYO October 29, 2003
Uncle in tamil.
hey ur mama is a appu nae nae!!!
by Mama August 26, 2003
A fake person that is only used to be made fun of, everyone has there own mama, even a brother has a different mama then his sister. But when u say Mom then it is the real deal and you have the right to kick that guys ass.
Yo mama's ass is so fat, that when she bends over there is a solar eclipse.
by spencer motzarella March 17, 2006
spanish word for suck

Mamas verga. You suck DICK>
by Victor Cervantes October 30, 2003

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