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Mama is a small-child word for Mum or if you're a American user Mom. It is usually the first word that a small child says, along with "Fuck", "Shit", and "Dada".
Child: Mama! Mama!
Mum/mom: What, my little baby?
by old handle July 06, 2014
A term for the cops in T-Dot (Toronto). Word is used so you can make jokes about the cops in front of their faces.
Kid 1: Yo an undercova mama behind us.

Kid 2: Don't jinx it.

Cop lights turn on and pull em over.
by Salman Abid Kamil June 08, 2009
tits or nipple in portuguese
grandes mamas
huge tits
by fdfteam pt February 10, 2008
A female who is sexual "property" of an outlaw motorcycle club - available to all club members unlike a member's "old lady".
That fine mama pulled a train for the whole club last week....
by VerbalGimp October 15, 2007
A term used by an unintelligent (and slightly confused) person to refer to their female child.
Mother to child: "Hi mama, would you like your bottle mama?"
by G Wanwan March 16, 2008
expression one uses when impressed or suprised with the circumstances of a situation.
"oh mama!"
by bitchslap August 01, 2003
Sometimes used to describe a feme boss like a drug dealers
Mama told me if i could sell 20 of crack, can u belive it?
by monoloko January 24, 2006