referring to a close friend that you care about and trust
Hey mama, how was ur weekend?
by MizzMarin January 22, 2008
a term used by latinos for their female friends
"come on mama, u can do it"

"mama move it, we're late"
by gfplatino August 21, 2008
A phrase used to call basically anyone.
Person 1: Hey!

Person 2: Hey mama!

Person 3: Hey there!

Person 2: Hey mama!
by HotCheetos March 11, 2009
She is pure at heart but bit short tempered. Lovable forever. People call her Chitra.
Mama is the cutest girl in the world and the best wife for ever.
by luvumama October 19, 2011
the scenest of all scene queens from western sydney.
by pullup67 March 29, 2009
"Mama" is one of the several alter egos of women when they are drunk.
For instance, a man is walking on the road with beer in a Solo cup, and comes across a woman. He says to the women, "Mama, you want some beer?" She takes the cup and says, "Yeah! Mama like beer!," and she down the whole cup. Mama usually has a friend that says "Mama had enough beer."
by Ilovepeaches January 05, 2010
Mama is a small-child word for Mum or if you're a American user Mom. It is usually the first word that a small child says, along with "Fuck", "Shit", and "Dada".
Child: Mama! Mama!
Mum/mom: What, my little baby?
by old handle July 06, 2014

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