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Spanish slang; literally translates as "taint sucker". Largely considered the worst insult in Dominican slang, although used in a loving way.
Oye mamañema, ven aca!
by sgtpants July 18, 2010
LITERAL TRANSLATION: O.K. ñema means cock or dick. So is basically like the word "mamaguebo" which means "dick sucker". "MAMA" in this case comes from the verb " Mamar" which means "suck".
WHAT IT ACTUALLY MEANS: it is slang for "ma nigga" "yo, bro" (if you're really close) "you fucking asshole" if you're mad at the person.
Ex: " Mamañema, donde tu' ta?" (ma nigga, where you at?)
"haz lo que tu quiera, mamañema!!" (do what the fuck you want, bitch!)

You get the idea, I'm drunk now.
by roses in april March 27, 2016
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