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A hot chick that wears nice clothes not slutty ones.
That mama pajama was looking hotter then any other girl in the room..even though she was wearing pajama pants
by Mike vu April 13, 2006
A girlfriend or significant other that is very classy, extremely beautiful and not slutty at all; she wears pajamas because they are more comfortable yet she's still smokin hott!
Hey mama pajama thank you for folding my clothes and cooking me breakfast, p.s. last night you were the best I've ever had.
by Geophenix April 11, 2006
A term used to express suprise. Pajama is pronounced with short a's, so it rhymes with mama. Saying 'mama pajama' with a long a in pajama means 'I'm gay', sarcastically.
"Mama pajama! Wait until I tell the boys about this!"
by The Show December 28, 2006
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