Mallory is the most amazing person in the world and there is no one who has ever lived or ever will live who can match up to her awesomness or her beauty she is perfect and I am so lucky to be her boyfriend
Mallory is soooooooooooooo Awesome
by Erodrig September 15, 2011
For the more neutral definition of Mallory:

Mallory is a uncommon female name, popularity rank in the U.S.: #812. Very rare surname: popularity rank in the U.S.: #2091.

French meaning means "Unlucky". German meaning means "Army Counselor". Other meanings are "Mailed". Variations of the name: Mallorie, Mal, Malory, Malorie and to infinity.

This name grew popular during the 80's with the television sitcom Family Ties. The daughter's name was Mallory Keaton, played by Justine Bateman. The character was best described as an airhead, but pretty and traditional.
Sir Thomas Malory, the writer of Morte D'Arthur, Legend of King Arthur

George Leigh Mallory, English mountaineer, perished while climbing Mt. Everest.

Mallory Keaton: I shop, therefore I am.
by PerhapsMyNameisMallory February 19, 2010
Beautiful, tall skinny and dirty blonde hair with blue or green eyes. The funniest girl you will ever meet and doesn't have a care in the world. Mallory is always being offered modeling jobs but wants to stick with her sporty side. Has many friends but also many enemies who want to be like her. She always stays calm and lives life day by day. She gives the best advice but usually can never take her own. Mallory is the best friend you can ever have.
See that girl walking? she has to be Mallory

Dont mess with Mallory, she will kick your ass
by Samantha Ashton February 10, 2012
A mallory is usually a girl that is shortish, dark brown hair, caramel brown eyes, and has a pretty different, but unique sense of style. She can usually be found at soccer practice, speed walking through the halls, with her friends, and on the computer.
"Dude, that new chick is such a Mallory. I call her!"
by Mr.Glucknut April 04, 2009
How can you define her with words?

The most beautiful, talented, kindhearted person anyone could ever want to be in their life.

Someone so incredibly charismatic,

You have trouble trying to explain her to your friends.
Someone who reminds you of the stars, the ocean, and all else in paradise.
Someone you don't want to lose.
Mallory gave me the greatest gift, the knowledge to love, and to be loved in return.
by BabygirlJay July 17, 2014
A girl with small boobs and but but a big heart, she hates Asians and has bad teeth
Dude she hasn't hut the puberty, such a mallory
by Ss26 November 11, 2014
An extremely large dump that is so massive, it doesn't even reach the toilet water.
Tom:"Dude I just ate some tacos and took a massive Mallory"
Steven:"NO WAY"
Tom:"Yeah it was so massive it was like a bridge from Russia to Alaska"
by NateTheGreat118 February 12, 2013

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