a grass fairy from argonaut
you are a mallory ha ha ha ha....
by pat_trap March 02, 2008
Top Definition
Inexplicable. Describes a woman who is mean, bitchy, rude, and stuck up, yet beautiful, caring, funny, and loveable, all at the same time. She is an object of desire, lust, and adoration by all men (and even some women), and that of envy, jealousy, and hate by most women. She is amazing, in all aspects of the word.
"Wow that bitch was mean as hell. I want her. She's such a fucking Mallory. I have to get her number!"
by neverinyourdreams. November 10, 2006
A beautiful person who everyone likes. Full of knowledge, very smart and wise, Mallory is the best person you will know.

She gives great advice, and one look will make you want her (regardless of gender, although she is hetrosexual).

All around an awesome person.

See goddess and perfect .
Ryan: When I was thinking about it
Camron: Mhmmmm?
Ryan: I realized how blessed we are to know Mallory.
Ben: Yup, you're totally right.
Camron: Then what are we doing here? Let's go worship her feet!
Ben: Good idea!!
by Beautiful Goddess May 26, 2008
an all-around awesome person, someone you definitely do not want to lose. someone people want to clone to keep for themselves. although stubborn at times, a Mallory is someone you can depend on in pressure situations. over-analyzes things too much. also intelligent.
that mallory over there is so cool. i want her as a best friend!
by mmac809 August 29, 2008
A sexy mama that is loved and looked up to by all. A Mallory possesses extreme radness and everyone wants one. See also mallorie.
She's just trying to be a Mallory, even though she sucks at everything.
by allen_mz2 February 19, 2006
The most amazing, beautiful girl in the entire universe. She is sexy, hot, tall and super nice. I love her in every way possible. She is really really cool. Mallory is like, honestly, the best person and has the biggest heart.
David: Owww I hurt myself!
Mallory: Oh my gosh! I can help you don't worry.
David: Oh, Mallory! I love you so much!
Mallory: Why thank you ;) I love you, too!
by Mallory's lover December 16, 2008
The most amazing girl ever. She is sexy, beautiful, pretty, cute, and just overall amazing. A great kisser and is the most amazing person ever. The girl that everyone wants. She is the prettiest, cutest, most beautiful girl ever.
geez that girl over there is the cutest prettiest most beautiful girl ive ever seen. - geez your such a great kisser, your name must be mallory! - i love you
by someone else2 October 07, 2008
Mallory is the most amazing person in the world and there is no one who has ever lived or ever will live who can match up to her awesomness or her beauty she is perfect and I am so lucky to be her boyfriend
Mallory is soooooooooooooo Awesome
by Erodrig September 15, 2011

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