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A small man whos shows to much chest hair and smells like a gorilla at the zoo. May also go by the name Taki. Mostly likley found working at a bank and hanging out at gay bars.
I was at the gay bar and hooked up with a mallios. Now I have to call the cleaning lady to get the smell out.
by pacoatlunch September 28, 2010
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Very screechy and very bossy, who's face can turn more red than a watermelon. She is always screaming at people and can never have people on her side. 99.9 percent of people ignore mallios and do the exact oppisite of what she wants. So basically a mallios has no friends, and is considered one of the most annoying person on earth.
Mallios: GO SIT DOWN
by Strange Chik February 15, 2011
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