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malicious pleasure or pleasure in others' misfortunes especially the ones who you consider as your equal or who you even look upto.
this does not relate to joy experienced when defeating an enemy or beating competition. malleasure is worse than envy, in that it doesn't stop at being sad at other peoples' fortunes but it relishes the misfortunes of others.
preity: oh hi dahling! i bumped into ishita the other day n what do i say, but she looked so shabby n worn out and bitter! i hardly recognised her .. i guess her divorce has really taken a toll on her .... so sad! she was such a nice girl- gorgeous and kind... she was our poster girl! ... but now....
radhika: my my! u r squirming with happiness, arent u! called me to share your malleasure?
by kimkimmiblue December 06, 2011
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