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(n): a term used by grengus to show love, hate, or anything towards someone, something, or nothing at all
1): yo, I'm gonna use my Gat to shot that mallard
by Orcofwar April 05, 2009
A term used to describe a high desirability of a situation/person. Two notches below 'Bad ass'. Also used to mean Cool and chill -- 2nd definition.
Yea, that game last night... It was Mallard.
That guy sittin' there, he's so mallard
by Beni-G May 10, 2009
An individual who does something unfavorable to another, ie. an individual who would do something "mal" to another. (Of Latin decent.)
"You drank my last beer!? You're such a mallard."
by India Morgan May 23, 2008
1. a duck

2. an idiot that constantly switches subcultures/scenes on a monthly basis. term originates from a certain person in the texas music scene who is a total wanker.
1. "look at the cute little mallard! i like ducks."

2. "he's such a mallard, last week he had an afro and this week he's all emo."
by anonnie mouse July 29, 2005
A retarded person, or someone who is being a complete idiot.
Quit being a mallard!
by Fishbone2k2 October 21, 2006
Some one who enjoys the company of people who Quack. A good giveaway is wearing a green shirt, with a duck on it.
My teacher was wearing his mallard shirt today.
by Ray-Cory-yar-yar November 03, 2007
An ugly looking bloke with a rather large nose, that also makes weird noises......... usaully found in the stanford area.
Oi mallard you ugly fuker get me a pint
by mallard boy March 21, 2006