A movie that doesn't get the credit that it desearves. One of Kevin Smith's best movies
Would you like a chololate cover pretsel
by Dustin July 16, 2004
A person who frequently hangs out at shopping malls without actually shopping or working. Usually they are teenagers and sometimes young adults.
Person #1: Hey, those kids sit in the food court all day every Saturday, what's the deal with them?
Person #2: They're just a couple of mallrats, don't pay them any mind.
by Jesse Ramen February 20, 2005
Mallrats is the funniest movie ever made. Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes kick ass. Snooch to tha nooch Bitches.
Guy 1: "Hey man, did you see Mallrats last night?"
Guy 2: "Yeah, It sucked. I fucking hate Kevin Smith and all those gay movies."
Guy 1: (Shoots Guy 2 in the balls).
by Camel toe Joe July 27, 2004
A mall rat is a creature that is overpopulating the malls across the nation, mostly on Saturday afternoons. These creatures are most known to be horny teenagers and early twenty-agers who can easily be spotted wearing slutty clothes that either has printed on them: Abercrombie, Hollister, American Eagle, or in fewer cases if it's a less fortunate mall rat, Aeropostale. These creatures think they are "cool" and will find someone to mate with by wearing such slutty clothes, but in reality, they are just wasting their life away walking around the damn mall all day long with nothing better to do. Also the younger mall rats (the vast majority of them) have their gullible parents walk into one of the clothing stores mentioned above with them so they can make them pay an arm and a leg for the overprice sluttly clothes sold there.
Mall rat 1: "Hey! what do you want to do this weekend?"
Mall rat 2: "I don't know. HEY! lets go to the mall!"
Mall rat 1: "Ok. Sounds fun! Maybe I can talk my mom into buying me those tight pre-ripped jeans from Abercrombie for $95, and then after that, we can walk around the mall all day there because we're cool!"
Mall rat 2: "OMG! that sounds like the perfect way to spend a Saturday!"
by zeb123 March 11, 2009
Those for whom the Mall is a place of both recreation and relaxation, a place of worship and of desecration, and a place where one can happily pack a bagged lunch in order to spend all the time neccessary in order to see a stereogram image appear.
by Dead Hero April 02, 2003
a very good movie about 2 slackers who loose there girlfriends and go to the mall only to find them there.they try to win them back and later succeed
mallrats is a better movie than "your mom gone wild"
by fdf dsf dfafaf November 01, 2003
the greatest Movie of all time
WOW what a great movie Mallrats is!
by Ugmo October 28, 2002
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