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Nail laquer applied to a man's hands.
"It takes a real man to go around neon pink malepolish"
by hlbndr December 14, 2009
Nailpolish worn by a man.
Adam Lambert from American Idol season 8 is often seen wearing black malepolish.
by geoffj March 29, 2009
finger nail polish for men, usually of the metrosexual type who care about their looks. Typically matches in color with their manpris, manigans, man makeup, skin tone, and/or manktops.
person 1: i went to the drugstore today to buy some male polish, wanna try some?
person 2: sorry dude, thats not my thing. i'm not metrosexual like you.
person 1: oh yeah, sorry..... OH but i also bought some man makeup in your skin tone!
person 2: ...
by manbra!! November 18, 2007