Malaysia is a country where people from different races live together . Racism is made out of people who don't like to live in harmony and peaceful for the fact that the G have given all the people the opportunity to build themselves and made money. Useless people include Anwar Ibrahim that go the distance by talking rubbish about his own country . A perpetrator for Malaysia and even his own race. Come to Malaysia first and you'll know how good it is to live here.
Malaysians enjoy their living here .
by ahmad chua muthu December 14, 2010
Beautiful scenery, delicious and wide range of food. Muslim country, dominant party: UMNO, with their usual contender, PAS. Weather is always hot and humid, and there is no winter. Gray skies, really poluted in the city, but a beautiful place to be when in the countryside. Malay is the official language, 3 significant races: the Malays, the Indians, the Chinese, with other minority groups. Current PM: Badawi. Past PM: Mahathir. Oldest civilization thought to have been in Melaka, but now they're uncovering evidence that there was an older civilization in Bujang Valley, or Lembah Bujang.

KL, Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC, Penang, Langkawi, Tioman, Redang, Port Dickson, and more...
Malaysia is host to the Petronas Twin Towers, which used to be the world's tallest buildings.
by Me me October 02, 2004
the only and the last country in Asean dare to say "NO" to fucking AmeriGun Evil Empire....
Mahatir, i hate you, but i stand with you on this.
Malaysia condemned the invasion on Iraq without UN support.
by alex October 29, 2003
A country with many kind of attractions.

1.Petaling Street,mini Hong Kong inside Kuala Lumpur.

2.Masjid India Street,mini India inside Kuala Lumpur.

3.Petronas Twin Tower,Malaysian version of World Trade Center but luckier.

4.Genting Highland,Malaysian version of Las Vegas and where place gamble is legal in whole nation.

5.Tioman Island,Malaysian version of Hawaii.

6.Port Dickson,Malaysian version of Miami without vice activities.
English Boy:Mom,let's go to anywhere else except Malaysia because I can't stand that heat there.My skin soon turn red if go there.

Mom:Of course,we will go Thailand instead.
by H February 10, 2004
A pluralistic country comprising Malays (majority), Chinese, Indians and minority aborigines. About 70 percent of the non-malays(mostly Chinese) here constantly whinge about being oppressed by the evil bigot mud-people whilst making derogatory racial remarks about the Malays themselves. You need not look further than this page as proof of their hypocrisy. If they don't drown on their way swimming to Communist Singapore, I hope the irony they presented here is enough to choke the living shit out of their life. This is why God made Singapore, to segregate us from these fucks.
Read the other definitions of Malaysia.
by alif omar October 12, 2005
despite being underpopulated,is the most developed country in south east asia.
malaysia has only about 27 million people over an area bigger than japan who had 6 times higher the number.
by reter January 21, 2005
a country in south east asia where people are chinese and asian? wait chinese is asian! its people aren't attractive at all cuz theres no mixture of ethnicity just plain malays and chines, yea! that means no american, spanish, european blood if ever there is it's less than .01% basically, another asian country that suck!
Where is malaysia?

malaysia is very --- i dunno?

malaysia? No!
by bamb00 May 10, 2005
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