The only one who know what to do with a guitar of the other people who think they know what to do with a guitar
Never say "i know play guitar" when Daron Malakian is walking on the earth.
by sweetguy April 16, 2006
Top Definition
he plays guitar, and stop with this
"he's so hot" bullshit, fuck the radio has ruined a beautiful artistic band and now retarded girls are drooling over internet pics or daron while headbanging to aerials
daron is an energetic, intense musician devoted to his band and i respect him greatly
by noname August 16, 2004
the greatest sexiest guitar playing god with the sexiest voice/smile/eyes/body/ass/ect. to ever walk this wretched earth.
*sigh* daron...
by pyro pixie November 12, 2003
A person (usu. of the male gender) with bizarre homosexual tendencies.
You're such a malakian! You just licked that guy's head!
by eSouth March 19, 2005
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